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Item V001


Exceptional ART DECO Celluloid Vanity Compact
Screaming Deco Orange red and Black Octagonal Celluloid Dance Vanity. Glimmering Red Rhinestones accent the deco design on the front of the compact. Lid opens to reveal an empty powder well and a celluloid encased mirror in great condition with a minor scratch in the silvering. Metal hinge and cord attachments all present and in great condition. Black cord handle and tassel believed original. Minor scuffing to the back of the vanity. Measures 2 1/4 inches in diameter. SOLD!


Item V002


Great Deco Black Celluloid Dance Vanity

Blue and clear rhinestone adornments are imbedded on the front, original tassle with partial lipstick tube attached and original cord handle. Measures, 4 inches in length by 2 inches in diameter with a six inch long black tassle. Interior of original material and pocketed on one side of the compartment. Excellent mirror and rouge intact in other compartment. Powder well empty. Excellent condition with a few rhinestones dull and minor scuffing. SOLD


Item V003


Fabulous and Rare Scenic Celluloid Dance Purse

Great Oriental design on both sides of this great vanity purse, circa 1920, muted shades of gray-greens and carmine on a canary yellow background. Scenic vista of an oriental pagoda with trees and mountains and birds with the sunlight streaming downward. Push down floral celluloid clasp, elongated chain ring handle and original gold tassel with top half of lipstick tube only. The interior is original and has an aged silver mirror with some flaking and two pots for rouge and powder with the tiny celluloid rings attached to puffs to pull them out. Puffs appear unused. The exterior is in excellent condition with some variation of coloration from back to front. Both pictures are inserted for your perusal. Measures 5 inches by three inches, not including the tassle. SOLD!


Item V004le - $10.99


Sterling Enameled Figural/Portrait Compact

Lovely enameling of a Beautiful Renaissance Lady adorned in her finery. Stamped in the interior in two places, unable to discern the markings. One surface scratch to the front and a significant chip to the black enameled back of the compact. Measures 2 1/4 inches in diameter. Some tarnish that I have not tried to clean around the edges of the compact. Modestly priced due to condition at 100.

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Item V005


New Listing

Brown Enamel Compact Purse

Early vintage compact purse complete with original lipstick, coin purse and mirror. Suede back and handle in excellent condition. Enameling on top shows minor scuffing. Interior shows some wear as seen in photos. Measures 4 x 2 1/2 inches.




Item V006


La Mode Finger Ring Compact

Lovely enamel floral detail on marked 14K white gold top. White enamel embellishes the finger ring chain. Compact opens to reveal LaMode orignal puff with some powder remaining. Other side opens to reveal mirror and nearly full rouge pot. Excellent condition. Measures 2 1/2 inches in diameter by 6 1/2 inches in length.



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